6 Stunning Fabric Choices for Gold Bridesmaid Dresses

Summary: Are you about to buy gold bridesmaid dresses for your maids but not sure about the fabric to choose? Read on to know about the fabrics that you can choose from.

You have chosen gold as the color and long A-line as the style of bridesmaid dresses for your maids. But what about the fabric? Have you decided the fabric for bridesmaid dresses? The fabric plays an important in making the overall impact of the dress. Even the same color looks different when done in two different fabrics. Similarly, the same dress pattern will drape differently based on how structured or soft the fabric is.

So, before you go for shopping gold bridesmaid dresses for your girl gang, you have to choose one fabric or a few ones for your maids. But which ones will be the best options for your girls? Finding it difficult to choose? Well, not to worry. To make your sure your bridal bliss is not disturbed when choosing the dress fabric for your girls, here, we have listed down a few fabric options for your maids –

  1. Tulle

This fabric has a stiff, transparent netting made out of either nylon, polyester, silk, or a blend of fibers. Layers of tulle create a voluminous and fairytale-inspired look, making the dresses ideal for your maids who want to look stunning when walking down the aisle with the bride. Tulle skirts are often paired with sequins, lace, horsehair, or worn underneath the dress to add fullness. A golden tulle is a gorgeous option for your maids.

  1. Satin

It is another great fabric option for gold bridesmaid dresses. Though satin is mainly regarded as the ideal fabric for a wedding gown, it can also be used for bridesmaid dresses. The word satin actually describes a type of weaving pattern, not a raw material. There are different types of fibers that can be used to make satin, including silk, polyester, and nylon. When you are buying gold bridesmaid dresses for your maids, you are more likely to come across terms including silk satin, duchess satin, charmeuse satin, etc. Generally, satin is a delicate and luxurious textile that has a slight sheen that will help your girls achieve a classy, modern look on your special day.

  1. Chiffon

It is one of the most well-known bridesmaid dress fabrics. This airy fabric is extremely lightweight and sheer. Because of how similar they look, it is easily confused with organza. The difference is that organza has a slight luster, while chiffon is matte and slightly less stiff. Like satin, chiffon is actually a type of weaving pattern – it can be used by using polyester, silk, nylon, or rayon threads. It is a great choice for a beach wedding party, as it will help you keep you cool in hot temperatures and it looks beautiful when blowing in the breeze.

  1. Lace

You might know what lace looks like, but did you know there are different types of lace? From Guipure laces to Chantilly to Alencon, laser-cut and even cotton, each type of lace have unique characteristics that will bring a different look to the golden dresses. Whichever type of fabric you choose for your girls, it will be undeniably timeless, and add gracefulness to the movement. It is the ideal choice for girls with classic or vintage style. This fabric is often accented with sparkly beading to add to the romance factor.

  1. Jersey

It is a stretchy fabric that comes with a close-knit structure. Jersey is lightweight and has one flat side, with the wrong side showing fiber pilling. When more than two single jersey layers are knit together, the finish is heavier and the stretch is relatively reduced. Jersey has a beautiful drape, making it a fantastic choice for bridesmaid dresses of any shade. The interlocking knits make this fabric very comfortable, and it may be the best choice if you are looking for a snug-fitting garment for your girl gang that feels comfortable too.

  1. Georgette

It is a thin and sheer fabric that is often confused with chiffon. But the difference is that it is less lustrous but springier. Though it is dull in comparison to chiffon, it is a great choice for bridesmaid dresses. The characteristic feature of georgette is it is crispy, a crepe-like structure that is also the factor which distinguishes it from chiffon. It is slightly heavier; however, the drape is similar.

Based on the body structure of different maids in your bridal gang, you may like to play around with fabrics to find the best choice for each of them. While well-toned and slim figures can carry off figure clinging fabric finishes, it is better to go with more structured drapes when your maids don’t want to highlight certain parts of their body. A structured fabric will allow them to camouflage some aspects while drawing attention to their best features. So, whether you want to buy gold or rose gold bridesmaid dresses, consider these fabric options, and go for the ones that will be the best fit for your maids.

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