Can you straighten Body Wave Hair?

Body Wave Hair may be a sort of hairstyle which is sort of a water wave. Girls who have deep wave hair or curly hair for an extended time will want to vary their hairstyle because the wavy hairstyle is dalliance to require care of it. They’re going to ask “Can I straighten my Body Wave Hair?” the solution is yes.

But straighten the hair is at the bottom of the hair is 100% real human hair. Meaning It must be your own hair. Or if you’re wearing deep wave hair weave, you want to make certain that the hair weave is formed from real Brazilian Hair, not synthetic fiber or other materials.

Some of the deep wave or wavy patterns could also be challenging to straighten because the curl pattern is so deep and it’ll take an extended time. It’s vital that you simply use a top quality heat-protective agent on your hair. If you would like to straighten your hair, you would like to take care to form this decision. Since straightening can do harm to your Brazilian hair weave. Also if you are not 100% sure that you have real human hair wig, do not proceed.

That is because the synthetic hair wigs and weaves can not take any heat from the straightener of from the brush. You can melt the synthetic hair fibers and destroy your wig as well as your hair straightening appliance.

I think most of the people do not like chemicals, so i counsel they use straightening comb and hand blower . If you’ve got virgin hair that has never been chemically treated before, you’ll use a straightening comb with heat applied to the hair. To settle on a good-quality and professional comb which has an electrical heating is vital. It can prevent overheating your hair. apart from comb, you’ll also use an electrical flat iron which is analogous to the comb.

The flat iron with heating plates that are around 0.5 to 1 inch wide is the more sensible choice for those that have shorter hair. And you’d better choose a wider iron if you’ve got long hair.

In addition, you’ll attempt to use a hand blower with a comb attachment to straighten your hair. We recommend that you should use the medium to low heating level to guard your scalp and hair texture. An excessive amount of heat can cause breakage even though It produces straighter hair. Adding some rinse-free or leave-in hair conditioner could help moisturizing hair while employing a hairdryer to heat.

Above all the methods, all of them do harm to your natural hair more or less. If you do not want to form your hair dry and fragile, I always go with a well renowned brand called Donmily hair. You should consider buying human hair body wave or Peruvian straight hair wig. This will add length and thickness to your hair and make your hair look straight also without damaging your real hair. I always go with a well renowned brand called Donmily hair.

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