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If you love to sew, chances are you also use zippers for your sewing projects. You might not know it but a lot of people are actually fascinated with zippers. Maybe some of you think of zippers as nothing but ordinary fasteners but once you become familiar with zippers, you will feel more confident and comfortable using and working with them.

When shopping for zippers for sale, there are a few pointers you should keep in mind:

Zipper Material

Metal and plastic coil are the most common zipper materials you can find. Metal zippers are zippers with metal end stops and teeth. Metal zips come in various finishes including antique brass, nickel, and brass, just to name a few. Zipper tapes also have different colors. Metal zippers look great and while they are harder to shorten, it is still possible with the use of needle nose pliers and some elbow grease.

Plastic coil zippers, on the other hand, are readily available at most craft supply shops. These are often called all-purpose zippers. These are the easiest to use, giving the best results. These zippers can be shortened easily. You just need to sew several stitches using your machine or by hand.

Zipper Tape

The zipper tape refers to the fabric running along the zipper teeth’s sides. The widths and lengths of zipper tape vary by zipper type and by manufacturer. For instance, the width of purse zippers are about ½ inch wider compared to that of standard plastic coil zippers. More often than not, when the zipper teeth is wider, the zipper tape will be wider as well. Zipper tapes are available in various colors that can go well with any of your projects. Polyester is the most common type of zipper tape although you could also get one in cotton as well as other types of specialty materials.

Non-Separating or Separating

A separating zipper does exactly just that. It separates once fully opened. You can think of your jacket as the perfect example of a separating zipper. Meanwhile, a non-separating zipper stays connected at one end once fully opened. There are non-separating zippers that remain closed on the two ends with the coverall zipper being the perfect example.

It is a must that you pay close attention to the specific type of zipper required by your pattern. You might find yourself in serious trouble if you use a separating zipper instead of a non-separating zipper. For instance, a separating zipper doesn’t have extra zipper tape at the zipper’s open end. If you will try using one instead of a non-separating zipper, you will not have enough zipper tape for proper installation of the zipper. This can leave a gap or even make it harder to use the zipper. A non-separating zipper is also sometimes known as closed bottom zipper.

There are tons of zippers for sale in the market but choosing the right ones can make a big difference. ZipperShipper’s zippers for sale are the best selections you can find that will surely give value to your money.

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