Alaskan King Crab In (2020)

Why You Should Cook Alaskan King Crab for Your Next Meal

For many, just thinking about Alaskan king crab legs dipped in warm melted butter makes their mouth water. But why? What is it about dining on giant crab legs that make them such a treat? Some say it’s the thrill of finding a massive piece of crab meat intact beneath the shell. Others say it’s knowing the work that fishers go through to catch the crabs.

1. Texture and Flavor

The texture of Alaskan king crab legs is more delicate and softer in appearance compared to other crab species. Alaskan king crab price also tends to have a unique “sweet” taste that is unlike crab meat from the east coast.

2. The Size is Remarkable

Alaskan king crabs grow to be the largest species of crab in the eastern hemisphere. It’s not unusual to see an Alaskan king crab have a 5- to 6-foot span from the middle leg to the other middle leg. Due to their enormous leg size, Alaskan king crab yields some very large pieces of leg meat — the most sought after part of the crab. Therefore, you can’t find a species of crab that compares.

3. Health Benefits

Alaskan king crab can help! Not only does king crab taste great, but it also provides one-of-a-kind health benefits. Rich in high-quality protein, it can repair and rebuild muscles and omega-3 fatty acids, reducing inflammation, and strengthen heart health. Watch this video to learn more about the heart, brain, and even vision benefits.

4. Wild and Sustainable

Alaska king crab is wild-caught, harvested in the pristine waters off of Alaska’s rugged 34,000-mile coastline. No fish farming is allowed in Alaska.

In addition, Alaskan seafood is eco-friendly. Its abundant seafood species are part of healthy, intact ecosystems, and the fisheries are managed for sustainability. Ever since statehood, in 1959, Alaska’s fisheries have been managed with the long-term health of the stocks as a top priority. This is mandated by the Constitution of the State of Alaska.

Boosts Immunity and Detoxifies the Body:

The meat of the legs of jumbo king crab provides the immunity boosters to the body which helps in gaining proper protection from all the other pathogens which enter the bod and makes it sick.

Eating the legs of jumbo king crab not only helps to detoxify your body internally. It’s complete internal body protection with a perk that the meat is utterly delicious. The legs of the jumbo king crab contain selenium in it which is considered as a detoxifying agent for the body and helps to eliminate even cancer-producing carcinogens from the body.

High in Vitamins and Calories:

Another benefit of eating the legs of the jumbo king crab is that it is rich with calories which are essential for the body for its proper functioning. The meat is not only great in taste but as it provides the proper supply of calories to the body the internal organs get stronger and the ability of a brain to work is also boosted.

Vitamins play a vital role in the proper functioning of the body. the meat of the legs of the jumbo king crab contains Vitamin B12, B2, and vitamin A which helps to strengthen the healing process and also improves the vision of the person who is consuming it.

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