ELSA BOULOS the real mermaid of INSTAGRAM

Do mermaids exist? Well we  finally found a real beautiful brunette mermaid on instagram.


ELSA BOULOS is the new mermaid of instagram.

With her beautiful long hair, and her tropical style and beauty We came across her profile and noticed her love for the beach, travel, beauty and fashion.

Elsa Boulos is known as a travel, fashion and lifestyle blogger always showcasing the best hotels and stays on her profile. The walking mermaid’s instagram is full of positive vibes and brands collaborations such as CHANEL, FOREO, NIKE, JIMMY CHOO and many important and well known hotels , airlines and brands.

This living Mermaid (Elsa Boulos) knows how to pose and how to post the best pictures on her profile she got a unique flawless beauty, and she has the perfect silhouette

She is fit and sometimes she shares her workout on her stories.

Each picture in her profile is dreamy and portrays a specific story from her travel journeys.

To know more about this girl you can always check her instagram profile :


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