How Do I Find My Own Personal Style?

Over the years you have tried many different looks and spent tons of money on clothes and makeup but you never seem to find a style that’s just you. You are not alone; finding one’s personal style is not easy. Some women are lucky – as soon as they get into their teens they adopt a look that suits them and they stick with it for life, but most of us are not – we have to work through many different styles before we can find one that we can truly call our own. So is there a way you can find out what your style is sooner rather than later? As a matter of fact there is, and here are some simple tips that you can use to get started:

Don’t bow to pressure

Many of us will wear what is trending at the moment without giving one thought to whether or not it suits us. As a woman who is determined to define herself through her style you will not get very far by following blindly. Think about some of your fashion icons – once they found something that worked they stuck with it no matter what. They may update their looks in subtle ways, such as through the use of makeup and accessories, but when it comes to clothes they wear what brings out the best in them. Be the same.

Understand your body type

Some women are pear shaped, others are round, some are muscular, some look like tomboys and of course there are those who have what may be called the perfect shape. Whatever your body shape is you need to understand it and embrace it so that you can find clothes, shoes and accessories that accentuate your best features.

Is there any particular ideology you are keen on?

Today, many women’s style is defined by their ideology. Strict vegans, for example, will not wear furs or any clothing which involves harm to animals. If you are a feminist you may believe in flaunting. If you are a nerd you like to keep things simple. All these are ideologies that can help you narrow down on your style. At a glance the world will be able to tell what you are about.

Don’t let your budget stand in your way

True, most of us cannot afford to wear designer clothing every day, but we can afford to own a few high end items that help us accentuate our best features. You can settle on something simple like a designer bag, or you can buy something more elaborate such as a coat or jacket that truly speaks to you as a woman of fashion. If you acquire one designer item every six months or so in a few years you will find that you have plenty to choose from. The idea is to choose each item carefully so that it can match with several pieces in your wardrobe.

Lastly, don’t be shy. True beauty comes from within, so if you really want to stand out it has to come from inside you.

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