How to match a blue shirt and tie

A shirt and tie is a classic combination that has survived the ages. It can be used in pretty much any situation, whether it’s casual or smart. The classic white shirt is what most people think of when matching with a tie, but a nice blue shirt is an incredibly versatile addition to any wardrobe and can be adjusted to suit the occasion. Here are a few of our favourite blue shirt styles and how you can best match them with a tie.


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1, Plain blue shirt

A light blue shirt partners perfectly with a darker navy blue tie. Whether it is a classic collared shirt or one of the Farah shirts in their high-quality range, this combination is a winner.


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2, The striped blue shirt

Matching with patterns can be a little harder as you have to try to ensure they don’t clash with one another. A fun addition to a striped shirt is a tie of a different pattern, with a bold colour on the other end of the colour wheel. However, if you ensure that the pattern (such as polka dots or geometric shapes) matches the blue of the shirt, it helps keep the shirt grounded while still managing to jazz it up.

If you need inspiration on the type of shirt to suit you, why not check out the range to see if there’s a Farah shirt to pique your interest? With such a huge selection, there is a good chance they have something you’ll love. Keep in mind that there’s plenty of help available when it comes to choosing the perfect tie so you don’t feel lost.

3, Checkered blue shir

The easiest way to match a checkered shirt is to partner it with a solid tie. That way, you know the patterns won’t clash, and it draws more attention to the style of your shirt. Alternatively, you can try a striped tie, as long as the stripes are thick enough to stand out from the shirt. The idea is to create contrast without drawing too much attention to one over the other.

4, Play around with bright colours

Blue is a great colour to match with vibrant oranges and mustards as they contrast nicely. Don’t be afraid to be bold when matching up to create some excitement in your outfit!

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