‘Orological Oddities – Weird and Wacky Watches

Swiss watches are renowned for being the most reliably made and stylish around, and this is backed up by many hundreds of years of engineering excellence. However, if the ‘standard’ Swiss watch like Omega, Rolex or Daniel Wellington watches just aren’t enough, and if you have a taste for the unusual and eccentric, you might be interested in these unusual timepieces. Here’s a list of three leftfield vintage wristwatches and three modern marvels for collectors…


1.       The Camy Geneve Automatic has a digital display, but instead of an electronically controlled LED display, has a jump-hour mechanical display consisting of scrolling numerals. It is housed in an oval bezel and is powered by the natural movements of wear.

2.       The Glycine Airman looks traditional at first viewing, but on closer inspection is cut from a different mechanical cloth. It is a 24-hour watch, which means the hour hand moves round just once in a 24 hour period. This is an uncommon mechanism, and very collectable.

3.       Lucerne made a watch in the 70s with all the sideways panache of the decade. It’s asymmetric, and looks like a brushed metal capital D with a display in the counter shape. 


1.       The Chronoswiss Grand Opus DLC has a skeleton dial which features a viewable mechanism. Great for watch fetishists to see the inner workings of their timepiece. Being coated in Diamond Like Carbon, it is as robust as it is intriguing. 

2.       If you like sturdy watches, the Hublot Big Bang Black Caviar is unparalleled. Not only is it ruggedly good-looking, but it has demolished Guinness records for strength under pressure. It can survive under water for more than 6000m. And if that’s not dramatic enough it has been shot with a rifle from 8 metres, and detonated on an explosive charge and survived. This might not be useful in an everyday sense, but at least you don’t have to worry about dropping it on the kitchen floor.

3.       A final strange, retro-futuristic watch is the Twilight, designed by Carson Leong, which is an interesting novelty and certainly noteworthy, but not the best for everyday wear. The face fades to black gradually over the course of the day, making it unreadable by night. An interesting concept, but perhaps a little impractical.



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